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John Owen on Mary as “Mother of God”

The Reformed have frequently been accused of having a “Nestorian” Christology in theological polemics. This is macro-level theology-trolling, of course, but it does happen. How was Nestorius’ alleged heresy diagnosed? The usual answer is that he would not call Mary Theotokos, customarily rendered in English as “Mother of God.” In Vindiciae Evangelicae, his response to John Biddle’s […]

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Intende, qui regis Israel: A Hymn of Ambrose (1)

Over the past few years I’ve posted Latin Advent and Christmas hymns with English translation and some comments. This year we’re going to look at Ambrose’s hymn Intende, qui regis Israel. Parts of this hymn are familiar in English as “Savior of the Nations, Come,” which my family has recently been learning along with some (other) […]

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What Is Calvin’s Take on Images of Jesus?

Unless I am missing something quite obvious, which is possible, the question of whether images of Jesus violate the second commandment does not receive a clear and definitive answer in Calvin’s major works. In his Institutes (I.11) he fails to explicitly mention images of Jesus. He only refers to images of “God” or the adoration of created […]