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All That the Prophets Have Spoken: A Rejoinder to Feser Pt. 2

This is part 2 of a two-part reply. The first part is here. In my previous post I indicated that it would be helpful to provide a model for how the Jews could know the OT canon without an infallible magisterium, and in the following I will suggest how this process occurred. Any explanation for how […]

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Lex Superaddita

In Institutes 2.7.1, Calvin discusses why the Law was “superadded” at Sinai. The giving of the Law to Moses and, through him, to Israel can only be properly understood, he believes, when connected with the end of the Law, which was always Christ and the spiritual worship of God by a “kingdom of priests, and an holy nation.” This […]

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The Comforting Doctrine of Divine Aseity

For centuries interpreters and translators have wrestled over the significance of the divine name in Exodus 3:14, and the debate shows no signs of abating. However, I want to offer one consideration on the matter that I have not seen mentioned elsewhere. Consider it exegetical grist for the mill. Bruce Waltke contends that Moses’ question […]