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Hemmingsen on the Tripartita Legis Distinctio (1)

In the Enchiridion theologicum,  Niels Hemmingsen holds to the traditional threefold distinction of the Law (ceremonial, judicial, moral). His comments on the lex ceremonialis are exceedingly brief: it is entirely abolished (tota…abolita est), together with the Aaronic priesthood–insofar the matter pertains to its use (usum), not its “signification” (significationem). Nam res quas figurabant, ceremoniae sunt aeternae: “For the […]

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Philip Schaff on the History of Torture

In the 4th Volume of his History of the Christian Church, Philip Schaff devotes a chapter to the discussion of torture. Professor Schaff is wholly opposed to the use of torture in order to extract information or obtain a confession of guilt, and it is clear that he believes the best of Christian thought is also […]