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Anti-Scholastic Sins Visited upon Later Generations

Catholic theologians, philosophers and historians of the twentieth century, having fought fiercely to eradicate prejudices against medieval philosophy, adopt the anti-Scholastic rhetoric of the old Protestant histories and project it upon the thinkers of the Baroque age. As a result, they reject the ‘schools’ of the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries–much as Lutheran Aristotelians and later […]

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Getting Over “Fall” Narratives

So back in February, Peter Leithart responded to my response on his essay on Protestants and writing. I meant to respond again, but never did. It’s probably good though, because the conversation needs to be bigger than just any one article– and certainly bigger than personalities. I really did think his original essay shined a […]

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Remi Brague on the Relationship Between Judaism, Christianity, and Islam

Speaking of Remi Brague, this interview was published along with the release of his very excellent The Legend of the Middle Ages. You should read the whole thing, but this one question and answer provides a key sample for the larger project: Question: How do you imagine a harmonious coexistence among the three religions of the book, […]

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Connecting the Dots of Church History

Gavin Ortlund has a recent article at The Gospel Coalition which argues that Evangelicals should get better acquainted with pre-Reformation and especially Medieval Church History. To this we can only give our hearty Amen. The recovery of history is one of the great needs of our day. We would like to offer one complementary though important caveat. Mr. […]