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Douglas Wilson and Justification

Douglas Wilson is the embodiment of “RIP my mentions.” His controversies range from politics to theology to literature. People laud him as a visionary leader, and people deride him as a cult leader. To some he is too conservative. To others, he has departed from the true Reformed tradition. Wilson has copycat followers, deranged former […]

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John Piper Compromising Sola Fide?

John Piper John Piper wrote a post some time ago on justification, good works, and salvation. Most Reformed folks agree with his basic position, but there is a vocal minority who accuse him of compromising the doctrine of justification. The man who took on N.T. Wright to defend justification is himself actually just as bad, […]

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Horton Hears a “WHAAAAT?”

I was going to let this pass, but…who am I kidding, there was never any chance of that. I’m not going to comment on all of it; just some of the Augustine bits. And I’m going to do it in the style of a HOTT TAKE, because it’s Thursday and I need something to spice […]

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Calvinists Justifying Themselves

Mark Garcia, author of a mammoth volume on Calvin’s view of union with Christ, has finally started to respond to J.V. Fesko’s several year long interaction with his work. These posts will be worth following. Much of Fesko’s criticism exists in seminal form in a review article he wrote of Garcia’s book (and one other) […]

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The Escondido Theology: A Reformed Response to Two Kingdom Theology

John Frame, The Escondido Theology: A Reformed Response to Two Kingdom Theology, Whitefield Media Publishing, 2011. “What’s that one about?” asked the stranger sitting next to me at the local coffee shop. I had no idea where to start, because it’s a very hard question to answer. The same question might just as well be […]