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Worship at the Papal Court after Avignon

John O’Malley (depending on the work of Gaetano Moroni) sums up the difference between the liturgy of the papal court in Rome prior to and after the Avignon papacy: The major basilicas, especially Saint Peter’s, as well as the stational churches, all played a part in a liturgical program that over the course of any […]

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Education and the Purification of the Mind: Ficino’s De Christiana Religione (IV)

In the third chapter of De Christiana Religione Ficino discusses the topic of educating adolescents in religion. Most, if not all, theological manuals of this period are devoid of any treatment of childhood education. Why, then, does Ficino devote a whole chapter to it? At least three possible solutions stand out. Firstly, the fact that […]