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“Christ in the Promise, Christ in the Word”

Justification at its most basic is straightforward. A man recognizes that he is a sinner. He judges himself to be guilty for his sin before God. He looks for a source whence he can obtain the righteousness he does not possess. He finds it offered to him in the gospel of Jesus Christ. He trusts […]

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God Helps Those Who Help Themselves

In broadly Reformed circles there are many theological catchphrases that are mocked and ridiculed for being theologically perverse. But on a little closer reflection, the phrases have a fairly solid Reformed pedigree and it is only the recent weakening of Reformed theology that has caused us to totally reject statements that are capable of being understood […]

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Matthew Henry on the Christian Prince

We continue with our catena of Reformed commentary on Psalm 148:11-12 (so far, Calvin and Musculus), and we are perhaps starting to see something of a consensus emerge. Those we have looked at so far interpret the fact that certain types of people are singled out for special exhortation as bearing special significance. In other words, […]