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How Genius Is Made

I meant to get into the discussion of “how genius is made” as a part of my essay on Peter Leithart and the Protestants who can’t write, but I decided that it would take an already too-long essay down one more rabbit trail. Still, it’s worth considering, and an important new book on this topic […]

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Education and the Purification of the Mind: Ficino’s De Christiana Religione (IV)

In the third chapter of De Christiana Religione Ficino discusses the topic of educating adolescents in religion. Most, if not all, theological manuals of this period are devoid of any treatment of childhood education. Why, then, does Ficino devote a whole chapter to it? At least three possible solutions stand out. Firstly, the fact that […]

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Greeks and Christians, Reason and Authority

Apparently there have been grumblings of late in some quarters regarding TCI’s too appreciative assessment of certain aspects of the Greco-Roman heritage. There will be more on this particular topic on this site in due course. For the time being, I want to post a citation that gets at this issue from Book 3 of […]

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“What Is the Best Method for Studying Theology?” (Part 6)

Here is the last installment of Chytraeus’ lengthy answer to the question, “What is the best method for studying theology?” Chytraeus recommends a very broad education for the student of theology–what we have here is a good instance of Reformational humanism, the kind of thing that really ought to be recovered for the present. He […]