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Kuyper on Christ’s on Judgement as Kingship

In his 1911 volume which began the trilogy of Pro Rege, Abraham Kuyper reflects on the importance of  Matthew 11:20–30 for our understanding of the kingship of Christ. In that passage, Jesus is denouncing the cities where he worked and preached and then affirms the authority that has been given to him by the Father. In verses […]

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“Now Therefore Be Wise”

In The Desire of the Nations, Oliver O’Donovan argues that, after the resurrection and ascension, all the rulers of the earth are under the judgment of the gospel: either they will submit themselves to Christ’s kingship or they will wage war against it. There is no via media. What he argues is basically an expansion upon and […]

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No King but Caesar?

Subjection to the royal authority of Christ–the spiritual kingdom–is possible under whatever circumstances one finds oneself according to the flesh; for “the Kingdom of God is within you.” Thus the claim of the chief priests in John 19 that “we have no king but Caesar” is erroneous and dangerous more than simply because it means […]

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The Cloven Helm: Gay Marriage, Natural Law, and the Direction of Protestant Civics

Dr. Paul Helm has written some quite useful things on John Calvin and philosophical theology, but he also has his contrarian side, which yields some very unfortunate results. This latest post is a case in point, wherein Dr. Helm offers up a confused yet troubling articulation and application of the doctrine of the two kingdoms […]