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Sir Edward Coke on the Natural Law

Sir Edward Coke (1552-1634) was an eminent English jurist. The excerpt below comes from a famous report of Calvin’s Case (1608). Robert Calvin was a Scottish born freeholder who inherited land in England. His right to inherit was challenged on the grounds that he was not a natural born Englishman, but a Scot. The historical context […]

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Latin Terms for “Law”: Fas, Ius, and Lex

Fas, Ius, and Lex: Vergilian Prelude fas mihi Graiorum sacrata resolvere iura, fas odisse viros atque omnia ferre sub auras, si qua tegunt; teneor patriae nec legibus ullis. (Aeneid 2.157–59; emphases mine) This is justice, I am justified in dropping all allegiance to the Greeks– as I had cause to hate them; I may bring […]

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A Little Bit of Natural Law

Douglas Wilson adds some helpful thoughts to the discussion of natural law. They intersect nicely with our recent offering on the topic. The point of natural law is not to set up a rationalistic set of assumptions, nor necessarily to “find common ground” with others, though it should be able to do that. The point is to establish […]