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A Conversation About the Living Wage

TCI contributors Drs. Bradford Littlejohn and Jordan Ballor have begun an online conversation about the ethical and political considerations surrounding the “living wage.” Dr. Littlejohn began things on his blog here, and Dr. Ballor has written a response here. These contributions are well worth the time of serious reflection, as they highlight the difficult challenges […]

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PRDL and Junius Institute Informal Anniversary

Congratulations to Dr. Jordan Ballor and his associates for the excellent work they have done over the past five years in creating the Post-Reformation Digital Library, as well as the related Junius Institute. We thank God for their work in bringing back into light the treasures from the past, and pray that God will continue […]

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Abraham Kuyper’s Philosophy of Politics

Our friend Jordan Ballor has a helpful essay on Abraham Kuyper’s understanding of nature, sin, politics, and the state. Interacting with Michael Hannon’s recent thoughts on Les Miserables and what it has to say about the basic foundations of politics, Dr. Ballor offers up Kuyper as a better model of legal philosophy. The essay is also […]

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The New Archive

Jordan Ballor, looking at the excellent example of the PRDL, gives a brilliant but too-brief consideration of the production and use of electronic archival instruments, and their meaning for learning, here. But if the reach of our ectypal bibliographies comes increasingly closer to our ideal archetypal bibliographies, the challenge is for our grasp to sufficiently […]