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Erastian Hebraists and Hebraist Erastians

Eric Nelson writes of the close identity between Erastians and Hebraists among 17th-cent. English Protestants: The troika of Hebraism, Erastianism, and toleration, forged so powerfully in the Dutch Remonstrant controversy, would resurface almost identically in the ecclesiological debates surrounding the English Revolution. When the Westminster Assembly of Divines convened in July of 1643 (in defiance […]

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Where Wright is a Big Problem

Andrew Fulford has demonstrated the ways in which N. T. Wright is consistent with classical Protestantism, at least on the basic level of principles. I agree with everything that Mr. Fulford has to say, with one significant caveat. While Dr. Wright does manage to remain within the ideological bounds of Protestantism, he consistently extends and […]