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Writing for the Church

Many of us have come to see the reality of something called “Big Eva” and the way in which it seems to shape much of our modern church culture. You might think this is mostly a problem for Baptist and broader Evangelical churches, but something very much like it can be present in Reformed Church […]

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Is Concupiscence Sin?– Gay Christianity, Desire, and Orientation

Picking up from my previous post on the problem of gay-but-chaste Christianity, I want to talk about concupiscence. Jack Bates criticizes me for introducing concupiscence into the discussion in an over-generalized and therefore simplistic way. Bates writes: Wedgeworth’s treatment of concupiscence in relation to the queer Christian’s experience is the site of his most significant errors. […]

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Systematic Theology As Exegesis

Strange days are upon us as Christian theology takes shape in the twenty-first century.  Some biblical scholars are working on projects that resemble works of systematic theology (e.g., Michael Bird’s Evangelical Theology).  Systematic theologians are working on biblical commentaries in series like the Brazos Theological Commentary on the Bible or the International Theological Commentary, edited […]

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Dat Old Debbel Tritheism?

So I do want to point out the virtual impossibility of talking about these things without “sounding like” we might be drifting toward a problem. If the Son is the one who made the actual decision, where did the unified divine will (that which makes decisions) go? If Jesus made this as a voluntary decision, does this […]

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John Owen on Mary as “Mother of God”

The Reformed have frequently been accused of having a “Nestorian” Christology in theological polemics. This is macro-level theology-trolling, of course, but it does happen. How was Nestorius’ alleged heresy diagnosed? The usual answer is that he would not call Mary Theotokos, customarily rendered in English as “Mother of God.” In Vindiciae Evangelicae, his response to John Biddle’s […]

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An Addendum on Posture

I’ve written a couple of times on posture in worship, and particularly on reasons to retain or recover practices approved by Scripture and recommended by nature such as the lifting of the hands and the bowing of the knees in the worship of God. In the past, we’ve looked at John Calvin and Niels Hemmingsen. […]