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Grammar, Grace, and Good Works in John of Salisbury

For John of Salisbury, virtue is necessary for man, but knowledge is necessary for virtue, but grammar is necessary for knowledge, but grace is necessary for grammar. Quite a catena causarum, but it’s his, and he’s sticking with it. More expansively: In Metalogicon 1.23, a chapter preceded by the titulus “What things are important for […]

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John of Salisbury on ‘The Prince’

John of Salisbury (c. 1120–1180), Bishop of Chartres and Christian humanist, writes in his Policraticus about the difference between a prince and a tyrant. His description of ‘the prince’ is as follows. Note well John’s emphasis of the divine origin of the prince’s authority, but with that the responsibility that rests on his shoulders: Therefore, according […]