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What the Heck Even is a “Complementarian”?

The Reformed internet world, one of the more peculiar varieties of internet worlds, has been downright pullulating with posts about this thing called “complementarianism.” We’ve learned that it can be “thick” or “thin,” adjectives which do not immediately endear themselves to the reader. The “thin” complementarians worry that complementarianism is in danger of becoming “thick,” […]

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John Steinbeck On the Inherent Dignity of Preaching Law

I know it seems like an unlikely source, but while reading Travels With Charley: In Search of America, I came across this entertaining and theologically instructive narrative of a church in Vermont. Steinbeck firmly presents himself as a sinner, and the sermon does not seem to “stick,” at least not as of the writing of […]

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French Reformed Liturgy of 1555: Some Background

Since Eric Hutchinson has shared his delightful translations of certain prayers contained in┬áLiturgia Sacra, a 16th century French Reformed prayer book, I thought it pertinent to give some background to this particular liturgy and its author. The book gives us the details of its origin. It was published in 1555 in Frankfort am Main by […]