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The Historical Untenability of Apostolic Succession

One of the most common procedural grounds on which Protestant churches can be critiqued is their lack of Apostolic Succession. It is very common for anti-Protestant apologists to argue that Protestants lack authentic ministerial orders because they cannot lay claim to this succession, and hence their churches can be dismissed without needing to engage with […]

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John Henry Newman, (Questionable) Reader (?) of Calvin

A friend notes that John Henry Newman says this in An Essay on the Development of Christian Doctrine: Calvinism, again, in various distinct countries, has become Socinianism, and Calvin himself seems to have denied our Lord’s Eternal Sonship and ridiculed the Nicene Creed. My initial impulse upon reading this is to quote a proverb of A.E. Housman: “Terence, this is […]

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Hodge on Newman and the Papacy

In an entertaining passage of the third volume of his Systematic Theology, Charles Hodge argues that John Henry Newman proves by his own principles that the papacy is the (really, an) Antichrist according to the Scriptural descriptions of that figure. Hodge says of the popes: They assume the honour which belongs to God not merely by […]

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Lewis on Newman

An addendum to yesterday: It has already been noted that CS Lewis was not an Anglo-Catholic, for the reasons given here. Further confirmation comes from his comments on John Henry Newman, once the nineteenth century’s premier Anglo-Catholic before he ceased being either, in Letters to Malcolm 6. First, some praise for Maurice, Bonhoeffer, and Establishment: I […]