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The Historical Untenability of Apostolic Succession

One of the most common procedural grounds on which Protestant churches can be critiqued is their lack of Apostolic Succession. It is very common for anti-Protestant apologists to argue that Protestants lack authentic ministerial orders because they cannot lay claim to this succession, and hence their churches can be dismissed without needing to engage with […]

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The Senate of the Presbyters and Early Church Bishops

The Protestant argument for church polity has consistently argued that rule by presbyters was the earlier form of church government and that mono-episcopacy was a later practical development in the early church. This may have been legitimate and beneficial but was by no means universally binding on all future churches in all other locations. The […]

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The Remnuoth Option

I offer, half-facetiously, another “option”: the “Remnuoth Option” In LetterĀ 22, his famous advisory treatise to Eustochium, which contains his memorable account of his dream, Jerome specifies three types of monastic communities in Egypt: those of the coenobites, the anchorites, and the “Remnuoth.” He looks upon the latter somewhat, erm, unfavorably. 34. As I have mentioned […]