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Against “Historical Theology”

In the recent polemical engagement between John Frame, James Dolezal, and various other commentators, the role of history in theology has been a major talking point. Should we stick to the historic tradition or should be free to be unapologetically “biblical”? To what extent can we criticize past theologians? Should we view constructive theology with […]

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A Review of James Dolezal’s All That Is In God

James Dolezal – All That is in God: Evangelical Theology and the Challenge of Classical Christian Theism (Grand Rapids: Reformation Heritage Books, 2017), 162 + xiv pages. James Dolezal has written an important book, a passionate and pastoral defense of a doctrine (divine simplicity and its implicates) which has fallen on hard times. In Professor […]

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Dr. James Dolezal on Revisionist Theology in Contemporary Reformed Theology

In our posts about the current Trinitarian debate, we mentioned that this is actually not a new debate. The speculative and errant doctrines have been published for well over a decade (perhaps two), sold by trusted conservative Reformed and Evangelical publishers, and even taught at confessional Reformed seminaries. In the following lecture, Dr. James Dolezal […]

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The Complexities of Simplicity

Dr. Edward Feser writes a helpful reply to Dr. Roger Olson’s criticisms of classical theism. In the course of his response, Dr. Feser notes that the logic that led older theologians to classical doctrines like divine incorporeality and impassibility did so by way of divine simplicity. For some contemporary thinkers this is a point against […]