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Isaac Watts in Moby-Dick

In Herman Melville’s Moby-Dick, the Pequod‘s journey gets underway on Christmas Day. Captains Peleg and Bildad accompany the ship out of harbor. Bildad takes the first watch. As he does so, he sings. Ishmael, the narrator, describes it, in Chapter 22 (“Merry Christmas”): Lank Bildad, as pilot, headed the first watch, and ever and anon, as the […]

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Ritual, History, Place– No! The Cool Kind

This morning I was reading a blog post which invoked the blessed Trinity of postmodern tropes. It said that an “incarnational” religion is one that values “ritual, history, and place,” and then it went on to say that Protestantism, by its very nature, does not do these things. Now, let’s set aside for the moment […]