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Writing for the Church

Many of us have come to see the reality of something called “Big Eva” and the way in which it seems to shape much of our modern church culture. You might think this is mostly a problem for Baptist and broader Evangelical churches, but something very much like it can be present in Reformed Church […]

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What is Reformed Irenicism?

Over the years we have said a number of things about what it means to be a “Reformed Irenic” thinker. In one of our very first essays, Peter Escalante laid out some guiding principles. A bit later we applied this to eccesiological matters. A little later we also examined the way in which one can […]

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Vermigli on Episcopacy

As Steven pointed out a number of years ago, the early Scots adopted an episcopal form of church polity. This should not strike us as unusual for there were some among the continental Reformers who wanted to continue the long tradition of ruling bishops in the church. Martin Bucer, Peter Martyr Vermigli, and Jerome Zanchi […]

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Playing the Man and Playing the Ball

In my very brief and never altogether promising time as a Soccer player, I was taught that physical contact with the opponent was allowed so long as one was “playing the ball.” Shoulder bumps and even slide tackles were permitted, as long as contact was made with the ball. “Playing the man,” by contrast, was […]

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Practicing Irenicism

Ian Clary at City of God links to an old series he wrote on “Reading and Error”, which gives some practical advice for those interested in pursuing the way of Reformed Irenicism. One quote he provides: The best way to respond to erroneous teaching is to deal with the best of a person’s arguments, not […]