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And “What is Reformed Catholicism?”

Following up on Pastor Wedgeworth’s post regarding “Reformed Irenicism,” I thought it important to explain a few points regarding the relationship of this term to the idea of “Reformed Catholicism,” as it is often called. As it turns out, different people mean very different things by the label – though I think they (broadly speaking) could […]

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David Pareus on Protestant Ecumenism

David Pareus was the successor to Zacharias Ursinus. Pareus taught at the University of Heidelberg in the early 17th century and labored particularly towards Protestant ecumenism.  He was able to reduce the disagreement in doctrine between the Reformed and Lutheran to one point: Building directly on the precedent established at the colloquy of Marburg in 1529, […]

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Richard Hooker, Reformed Irenic

Or, A Refutation of the Calumnious Slanders Lately Lodged Against the Most Judicious and Rev. D. Hooker by D. Joyce of Birmingham, in Which are Exposed hir sundrie Errors, Misquotacions, and Misconceipts which do Uniustlie Stayne his moste Noble Memorie. In her recent book, Richard Hooker and Anglican Moral Theology,[1] Alison Joyce offers an important […]

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Polemic Irenics

Brad Littlejohn has a helpful follow-up post to the discussion of intellectual empathy, much of which intersects with our recent post on the mechanics and motivations of polemics. It is full of excellent observations, including our favorite topic, the definition of words. Mr. Littlejohn points out that “irenic” and “polemic” are not actually opposite terms, […]

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Nothing to Prove

Simon of Hills Bible Church, Melbourne, offers a jocular taxonomy of the sons of Calvin here. He covers the New Calvinists with their somewhat hyperactive pietism, the Neo-Calvinists with their supposedly nefarious plans for world domination, and the tribalistically confessional “Grumpy Calvinists” (you have the Adamic charism of apt namecalling, Simon) who think that the Neo-Calvinist […]

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Irenicism, Truth, and Method

Our first essay, as Mr. Wedgeworth explains at its beginning, is a deeper and more thoroughgoing examination of a controversial claim we addressed in outline in a previous essay kindly published by Credenda Agenda. There, we were concerned to outline, for pastors especially, the intellectual and pastoral background of some recent critiques of the Reformed tradition. […]