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Van Ruler on the Church as Community and Institution

A. A. van Ruler Address delivered in Hilversum, the Netherlands, on April 23, 1942, to the local chapter of the Confessional Union. Translated by Ruben Alvarado In the church, there are people and there are things. It is beyond all doubt true when one says, the church – that is all believers taken together, the […]

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“High Church” Always Becomes Invisible Church

Dominic Foo has a very good essay on the way “high church” ecclesiologies always fall back into a sort of “invisible church” theology when forced to reckon with the actual historical record. Here’s a sample: The point is that in the end nobody, at least nobody with a proper command of church history, believes that […]

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The Doctrine of Election: A Primer

Introduction Like many who consider themselves Reformed (of the “young and restless,” confessionalist, or whatever varieties), I was introduced to the world of Reformation theology through the doctrine of election. And like many within this camp (especially the “young and restless”), the doctrine of predestination composed a significant portion of my younger self’s identity. It […]