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Lex Superaddita

In Institutes 2.7.1, Calvin discusses why the Law was “superadded” at Sinai. The giving of the Law to Moses and, through him, to Israel can only be properly understood, he believes, when connected with the end of the Law, which was always Christ and the spiritual worship of God by a “kingdom of priests, and an holy nation.” This […]

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Calvin on Posture in Worship

Sitting on the Promises? Two of the more common gestural accompaniments of prayer and worship in Scripture are kneeling and the lifting of one’s hands. In several places in the Institutes and his commentaries, John Calvin reflects on the usefulness of such practices for Christian prayer and sketches an outline of what it is that […]

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Hours of Prayer, Again

I’ve posted twice before on Calvin’s views on prescribed hours of prayer, here and here. The general view that emerged there was that no time is a bad time for prayer–but that such helps as we can find as inducements to actually doing it are of great use. Just as fixed hours for public worship […]