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Why All Arminians Are Calvinists

I want to put forth an argument against Arminianism based upon an internal flaw within the Arminian scheme of predestination. My argument, simply stated: “The Arminian position on predestination is inescapably Calvinistic (of sorts). Because this is so, the only option is to embrace open theism or Calvinism.” In the sixteenth century, the Roman Catholic […]

Andrew Fulford Nota Bene

Whose Theism? Which Platonism?

Thomas Weinandy writes in his magnificent work Does God Suffer? of David Griffin’s process theology: We have obviously returned to the pagan religious and Greek ontological dualisms of the past. In his early works Griffin, as well as other process theologians such as Pittinger and Ogden, criticized the early church Fathers for being unfaithful to biblical […]