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Vermigli on Idolatry (again)

Further to my previous post on Hobbes and Vermigli, the latter wrote in 1555 following on from his denunciation of those who understand Naaman the Syrian’s example to allow for attendance at Mass and so on: Neither did Eliseus [Elisha], as our men do think, grant Naaman licence or liberty to do so as he had […]

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Idols and the Fetish of the Unreal

Some comparisons work in both directions, as: the black box is like the brown box; the brown box is like the black box. Others do not, as: the self-portrait is like the artist; but not, the artist is like the self-portrait. Aquinas explains, in reference to man’s likeness to God in contrast to God’s unlikeness […]

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Localism as Idolatry

Alan Jacobs writes a short but forceful critique of Wendell Berry’s brand of agrarian localism: There are Christians all over the world today because the successors to Paul declined to stay home. They were not “stickers.” None of this means that affection for one’s geographical place in the world is of no value; but it […]