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Augustine and Varro on Aniconic Worship

The Second Commandment famously declares that God is not to be worshiped by images. In Book 4 of City of God, Augustine remarks that Varro came very close to the truth of things (under compulison from “the secret will of God), and knew of Jewish practice in this area; but traditional Roman practice was too far […]

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Irenaeus and Images

A brief addendum to Steven’s previous note: Irenaeus mentions the use the Carpocratian gnostics put to images in his day: Others of them employ outward marks, branding their disciples inside the lobe of the right ear. From among these also arose Marcellina, who came to Rome under [the episcopate of] Anicetus, and holding these doctrines, […]

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The Patristic Critique of Icons

The liturgical use of icons is one of the disputed points which has a mixed foundation in the early church. Most people are familiar with the Second Council of Nicaea, which demanded the veneration of icons and claimed the practice as apostolic. Not as many people, however, know the opposing patristic voices. To help counter-balance […]