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A Lengthy Renaissance Sermon at the Papal Chapel

In the early 16th century the two administrators of the cappelle pontificie (papal chapel) in Rome had their hands full with the task of ensuring an orderly and timely mass for the pope. Paris de Grassis was the Master of Ceremonies who was in charge of the liturgy for each papal mass. Giovanni Rafanelli the […]

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Religion and Happiness: Ficino’s De Christiana Religione (II)

In the first chapter of his De Christiana Religione, Ficino uses various arguments to prove that the worship of God is what sets man apart from the other animals. Worth noting here, again, is the fact that Ficino does not appeal to any Medieval authorities to make his claims. Also interesting is Ficino’s appeal to […]

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The Perils of Taxonomy and History

Brad Littlejohn has a helpful post on the different ways in which “the marks of the church” were used among the magisterial Reformers.  He makes a plea for greater agility when identifying key theological terms and their significance for ecclesiastical unity.  This is of a piece with our own historical narrative at TCI.  No doubt many will […]