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Zanchi’s Aristotle (11): Unphilosophical Giants

After asserting that man’s physiology bears witness to the three kinds of “worlds” that exist¬†and the kinds of knowledge that correspond to them, Zanchi notes that natural philosophy is useful for two of them (the lower and the middle), he adds–in reliance on the¬†Platonici–that there are three kinds of men that correspond to these three […]

Archive Authors E.J. Hutchinson Philosophy Reformed Irenicism

What Can We Learn from the Greeks?: A Meditation

Last week I referred to the “progressivist” strain in Greek cultural thinking, which was associated with Prometheus and which tracked a general advancement of mankind from his earliest days to the present. But there is another strain as well, the “primitivist” one, in which the history of mankind is described as a general decline over […]