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Systematic Theology As Exegesis

Strange days are upon us as Christian theology takes shape in the twenty-first century.  Some biblical scholars are working on projects that resemble works of systematic theology (e.g., Michael Bird’s Evangelical Theology).  Systematic theologians are working on biblical commentaries in series like the Brazos Theological Commentary on the Bible or the International Theological Commentary, edited […]

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Feyerabend and Feser on Sola Scriptura

In the past I have written favourably of Dr. Edward Feser’s philosophical work, especially as it is relevant to Reformed theologians today, so I read with interest his brief criticism of sola scriptura on his blog yesterday. I don’t plan to give an extensive reply here; I only want to give some reason to Dr. Feser […]

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Confessions vs. the Confessionalists

Over the last ten years, at least, there has been a rise in the prominence of confessions of faith in Reformed and Evangelical churches. They have even been pushed to the forefront of parachurch associations and even, in some cases, general marketing and promotional strategies. The odd-sounding adjective “confessional” (which is quite a different thing […]

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The Insufficiency of “Creedal Hermeneutics”

A little over a year ago, I pointed out a summary of Thomas Buchan’s lecture on Nicaea at the Ancient Evangelical Future Conference. A reader has just written in to direct me to the audio of that conference which is available here. I’ve only listened to Dr. Buchan’s presentation, a response actually, and it is […]

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The Roman-legal Background of the Concept of Equity

Equity makes its appearance in theological and confessional treatments, as a way of understanding the place of Old Testament law in the New Testament era. It is invoked e.g. in the Westminster Confession of Faith as such an interpretive principle. A good treatment of the theological usage of equity can be consulted here, but, there […]

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Michel Rene Barnes and the Problem of Idealist History

In his highly influential essay, “Augustine in Contemporary Trinitarian Theology,” Michel Rene Barnes gives a very helpful deconstruction of the methodology of many contemporary theologians, noting that while claiming to be doing historiography, they are actually doing critical and systematic philosophical and theological apologetics. They are not, in fact, interested in uncovering the facts of […]

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The Follies of Contraceptive Historiography

Here at The Calvinist International, we care deeply about history, and yet we frequently trample freely on the shibboleths of contemporary historiography.  One of these is its commitment to truth-neutrality. In this it mimics, but goes even further than, the procedural liberalism that dominates the modern administration of justice, which abandons any concern for the […]

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Visual Eisegesis

Dr Matthew Milliner offers some interesting reflections here on the increasing currency of visual exegesis, by which he seems to mean pictorial art derivative from Biblical themes. Frequenters of this forum will know that one of our special concerns is clarity of expression and would therefore be able to predict that we would want to […]