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Bavinck on the “Way of Freedom”

At TCI, one might see a reference every now and again to a “culture of persuasion.” For Bavinck, the propriety of such a vision is rooted in creation itself. A freedom that cannot be obtained and enjoyed aside from the danger of licentiousness and caprice is still always to be preferred over a tyranny that […]

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Lamennais on Indifference and Truth

Words introductory, in which I do the disclaimer thing: The following quotation should not be taken as an endorsement of Lamennais in omnibus rebus as anyone who reads his Wikipedia entry will immediately understand. But the quotation itself is worthy of some reflection. And anyway, I was directed to it by the great Bavinck. So […]

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Blaming the Greeks and Repeating the Past: A Liberal Methodology?

TCI collaborator Brad Littlejohn recently posted an essay pointing out how Bavinck can help modern theological conversations regarding the categories of “nature” and substance.”  In it, Mr. Littlejohn draws our attention to Peter Leithart’s reservations about these concepts.  And while Mr. Littlejohn does offer up many helpful ways in which Dr. Leithart’s thoughts can be harmonized with the classical […]

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Responsum: First Things, Philosophy, and Theology Proper

Dr Andrew Sandlin is a friend of our forum, and, although we disagree with him markedly on a number of important political and theological points, we do esteem his honesty, intelligence, and his positive contributions to Reformed discourse- most notably, his influential essay Toward a Catholic Calvinism, and his excellent little treatise Un-Inventing the Church. […]