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Herman Bavinck on Men and Women

Originally published in 1908, Herman Bavinck’s book The Christian Family was only just translated into English in 2012. Throughout the book, Bavinck lays out a Christian theology of the family, and he gives practical advice on how families can withstand modern challenges and temptations. At one point Bavinck interacts with “modern” attempts to reinvent the family. For […]

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How to Read Herman Bavinck: 4 Principles

With the recent publication of Herman Bavinck’s Reformed Ethics and the forthcoming first English translation of his Christian Worldview, more and more readers are discovering the genius of the Dutch neo-Calvinist afresh. Picking up Bavinck’s Ethics or Dogmatics, however, can be daunting. While Bavinck’s prose is often accessible, he does interact with a significant array […]

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Nature and Grace in Richard Sibbes

Introduction With respect to the relation between nature and grace, the mainstream Christian tradition does not hold that grace obliterates or destroys nature, but rather that it works with it in some sense as its necessary substratum. The most well known formulation of the idea is found in Thomas Aquinas’ Summa theologiae I, Q. 1, Art. […]

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Herman Bavinck on the Beatific Vision

The doctrine of the Beatific Vision, so central to medieval Western theology, is much rarely discussed in Reformed churches. It does appear in most of the older dogmatic writers, however. There are interesting points of variety between them too– take, for instance, Calvin’s view and Owen’s (more on them in a later post…). Here is […]

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A Post-Script on Sola Scriptura

Dr. Feser has written a reply to the first part of my rejoinder, and he says this will be his last. I think that the second part of my rejoinder addresses several of his concerns, but like him, I am happy to move on to other subjects. However, I want to make a few brief […]

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Beauty and Law

Prof. Scott Pryor notifies us of a fascinating article contending that contract law should reflect standards of beauty, and highlights some reflections from Herman Bavinck on the nature of beauty.

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Bavinck: Christianity is Paganism’s Fulfillment

In his treatment of general revelation and prolegomena, Herman Bavinck writes: In the Middle Ages Thomas not only asserted that as rational beings human beings can– without supernatural grace– know natural truths but also testifies that it is impossible for there to be “some knowledge which is totally false without any admixture of some truth” […]

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Bavinck on Good, Enduring Reformation

This Reformation Day, it’s worth revisiting one of my favorite quotes on reformation, from the Dutch theologian Herman Bavinck: All good, enduring reformation begins with ourselves and takes its starting point in one’s own heart and life. If family life is indeed being threatened from all sides today, then there is nothing better for each […]

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VanDrunen on “the modern Bavinck”

Giving a mixed review of Bavinck on natural law and the two kingdoms, David VanDrunen recently wrote, Though a complete account is more complex, a good general argument can be made, I believe, that his defense of the natural law and the two kingdoms categories belongs to the orthodox Bavinck and his advocacy of themes […]

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What Depends Upon An Historical Adam?

Modern evangelicalism has always had something of an identity problem. Wanting to be neither Fundamentalism nor Liberalism, it has often found itself unable to sit comfortably in the middle. More often than not, and sometimes with a bit of pressure from either side, it ends up swinging back and forth between the poles, often unable […]