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Calvin, Basil, and Heathen Learning

One of our ongoing goals here at TCI is to rebut the notion that “Calvinism” or “Reformed Theology” has maintained an antagonistic attitude towards natural revelation, natural philosophy, natural law, and wisdom gleaned from pagan sources. This is certainly true of more recent forms of it, what is sometimes termed “neo-Calvinism,” but it is not […]

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Die Hellenization Thesis! Die!

Derrick Peterson has been writing heroic essays for quite some time now, but I have only just recently stumbled upon him. Still, better late than never, and this post from May 25th really does tear down the old “Hellenization Thesis”–the idea that Greek culture or philosophy partially or mostly corrupted a prior “Hebraic” way of thinking […]

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Gnosticism and Ritual

Kurt Rudolph’s Gnosis: The Nature & History of Gnosticism has probably been surpassed in influence by later work (such as that of Simone Pétrement and others) but it is nonetheless a rewarding read. Professor Rudolph interacts with the traditional sources on Gnosticism, as well as the findings of Nag Hammadi (which were new at the time of […]