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“God Is the Beginning and Cause of the Word of God”

(Apropos of a few recent posts.) Heinrich Bullinger discusses the truthfulness and certainty of the Word of God in the first sermon of his first Decade. There is much herein worthy of meditation. Text First, I have to declare what the word of God is. Verbum in the scriptures, and according to the very property of the […]

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The Sacraments Do Not Confer Grace

Despite the strong re-affirmation of sacramental grace in Reformed theology over the last few decades, there is a curious feature in the history of Reformed theology when it comes to the use of the expression “to confer grace.” Among the 16th- and 17th-century Reformed theologians, the sacraments are overwhelmingly affirmed as genuine instruments of the […]

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A Compound Person and Complex Questions (Part 1): Addendum to “Do We Have a Christology Crisis?”

Peter Escalante and I wrote our previous paper[1] as a historically and academically informed, yet primarily pastoral reflection on the current state of Christology in theological apologetics. It was our contention that the historical and theological discussion is most often a red herring, with the true issue being anxiety regarding ecclesiastical identity and improper catechesis. And this […]