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Berman on Historical Fallacies

Here is an insightful section from Harold Berman outlining the ways in which historical frameworks (e.g. ancient, medieval, modern) can obscure rather than clarify: In addition to nationalist fallacies, legal historiography has suffered also from religious fallacies, both Protestant and Roman Catholic, which have obscured the continuity between the Catholic Middle Ages and post-Reformation modern […]

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Berman on Protestantism and the Modern West

In his magisterial Law and Revolution, II, Harold Berman articulates an argument in direct opposition to the thesis that would later be advanced by Brad Gregory in the latter’s The Unintended Reformation. In a section, “Early Protestant Belief Systems and the ‘Rise’ of the West,” Berman writes, A study of the impact of early Protestant […]

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The Beginning of the University

The history of both Eastern and Western Christendom has been bound up with the academy, but in the West this has especially been the case. From the rise of the university system of the feudal period to the development of the great evangelical renewal of learning in Germany and England, to both of which the […]