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Osculum Impiorum: The Kiss of Judas as Ritual Action

It is a commonplace of Reformed sacramental theology that the Lord’s Supper cannot be efficacious apart from faith. There is nothing automatically efficacious about ritual action in and of itself. Here is a curious proof for this suggestion from a wider biblical perspective than the texts traditionally used in sacramental discussion: In the messianic second Psalm, […]

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Hauerwas on Lewis on Pacifism

C. S. Lewis has been the subject of many posts at TCI, and with good reason. He ranks with the best apologists of the 20th century, if not as the best. But he did not write only as an apologist, at least not if we conceive that term narrowly. He did not contend only for […]

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Duped Disciples? Ficino’s De Christiana Religione (VII)

In chapters six and seven of his De Christiana Religione, Ficino continues his argument that Christ’s disciples did not attempt to deceive anyone in their preaching and writings concerning Christ and that they were also not deceived by anyone. Chapter six is mostly made up of quotations from the New Testament writers in which they […]