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The Importance of the Love of God

Christians struggle with two kinds of assurance – assurance that God loves them and assurance that God likes them. We might immediately cringe at such language as overly anthropomorphic and sentimental. I want to forestall this reaction, however, by admitting that such language can and has been used in all sorts of distortedly sentimental ways. […]

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Reviewing Frame’s Review of Dolezal

  Introduction I read with some interest John Frame’s review of James Dolezal’s book, All That Is In God (RHB, 2017). I have respect for both men; I like both men. Frame has been kind to me and I have no interest in making him an enemy.  Sure, Frame himself carries out some attacks that […]

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The God of the Philosophers and the God of the Theologians

In the final edition of the Loci communes (1559), Philip Melanchthon provides a good example of how to move from a philosophical to a theological definition of God. Melanchthon had added a section de Deo, missing in the first edition, to later editions of the Loci, but the passage below is not found in the second aetas, or “age,” […]

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Propositions & Questions (for Fred Sanders) on the Trinity

Some Propositions on God, the divine essence, the Trinity, and the covenant of redemption God is pure act (actus purus). His will is identical to his essence. Since God is simple, his power is his wisdom is his love is his eternity is his knowledge, is his will, etc. There is not one thing in God […]

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The God of Psalm 19

It is perhaps one of the most famous wisdom Psalms, and with good reason. Psalm 19 meditates on creation and the law, distilling their message and benefits for Israel’s choirs. However, for at least two reasons readers today may miss the wisdom of the song. Firstly, David’s brevity assumes wisdom in his audience without providing […]