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Davenant Press: For Law and For Liberty

Some friends and I have put out a new book which will be of interest to TCI readers. For Law and For Liberty: Essays on the Trans-Atlantic Legacy of Protestant Political Thought is the published collection of essays which were first presented at the 2015 Convivium Irenicum. The 2016 Convivium Irenicum is right around the corner, […]

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Convivium Irenicum Lineup 2015

A little while back, we mentioned that the 3rd Annual Convivium Irenicum would be convening in (“around”) Landrum, SC this June. Now the papers have been accepted and the lineup has been announced. Our keynote speaker is Dr. Glenn Moots of Northwood University (and fresh off  a visiting professorship at Princeton.) You’ll also notice some TCI regulars: […]

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The Third Annual Convivium Irenicum

The Convivium Calvinisticum developed as a the fruit of some of this website’s work and the friendships it engendered. Over the past three years, the Davenant Trust has taken over sponsorship and direction of the convivium (see here and here for previous updates), and along the way changed its name to the Convivium Irenicum. Each year the […]