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Melanchthon on the Church and the Word (5)

In today’s selection, Melanchthon affirms both that the church has never ceased to exist, from its establishment in the time of Genesis all the way up to the present, and that it nevertheless has often been quite small. This he proves from, for example, the case of Noah. Still, God does not let the church […]

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Defending Fundamentalism

Michael Brendan Dougherty skewers with precision here the pretensions of Christians who like to claim that Ken Ham and those who agree with him are members of new and different religious species than they are.  It is the other way around; eye-rolling at “fundamentalism” is a mutation acquired adaptively in the environment of disbelief. But […]

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Calvin on Ius Gentium in Genesis 26

From one of John Calvin’s sermons on Genesis, we read: For faith has this property, that it confines us within divinely prescribed bounds, so that we attempt nothing except with God’s authority or permission. Whence it follows that Isaac’s faith wavered when he swerved from his duty as a husband. We gather, besides, from the […]