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Men, Women, and the Nature of Christian Teaching: Two Responses to Aimee Byrd

Since our founding, TCI has been committed to affirming the natural family and varieties of “household economics” as essential components to any sort of Christian political vision.  Given the confusions of our day, this has required us to interact with both the push for modern egalitarianism and the reactionary “recovery” movements that have arisen to […]

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Natural Complementarians: Men, Women, and the Way Things Are

A striking feature of modern Christian gender debates is how extensively the tenets of social constructivism have unwittingly been imbibed, by the very people who might claim to be its staunch opponents. Even in arguments from the most conservative quarters, there is a remarkable forgetfulness or neglect of nature, a willingness to forfeit our claim […]

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Robert Farrar Capon on “Sex” vs. Sexuality

The recent conversation about complementarianism and its relevance for “all of life,” reminded me of this great section from Robert Farrar Capon’s Bed and Board. I will have to leave readers to make their own connections, as I only have time to pass along the quote: Do you know why [sex] is ugly? Because it is […]

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What the Heck Even is a “Complementarian”?

The Reformed internet world, one of the more peculiar varieties of internet worlds, has been downright pullulating with posts about this thing called “complementarianism.” We’ve learned that it can be “thick” or “thin,” adjectives which do not immediately endear themselves to the reader. The “thin” complementarians worry that complementarianism is in danger of becoming “thick,” […]

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Are Women Real?: Towards a Comprehensive Complementarianism

I. Complementarianism For Real “If gender is just a term in grammar, how can I ever find my way/ When I’m a stranger here myself?” –Kurt Weill, One Touch of Venus What follows is a kind of prolegomena to any future complementarian squabbling, or possibly a groundwork for the metaphysics of tango. It’s very incomplete […]

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From New Urbanism to New Domesticity

“Women’s work” is threatening to become trendy, or so a few recent books would suggest. Apparently the “Hipster Housewives” are taking the crunchy movement to its next step: New Domesticity. Cooking. crafting, and cloth-diapering are just some of the ways that cosmopolitan young ladies are reclaiming the home. But is this anything more than a fad? […]