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RL Dabney’s Theory of Economics

Robert L. Dabney is known, to those who know him, as the grey eminence of an old and lost form of Presbyterianism.  To call him “Old School” might be an understatement, as Dr. Dabney wrote against the incipient public school movement, women’s rights, and most infamously of all, abolition and the US Civil War.  Dr. […]

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Capitalism and The Humane Economy

Allan Carlson has posted a recent speech he gave investigating the use of terms like “conservative” and “capitalism” and arguing that today’s popular libertarianism is not actually conservative in any meaningful way and that the only sort of “capitalism” which can be understood as conservative is one which prioritizes and defends conservative ideals and institutions, what he, […]

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Trading Rand for Röpke

Joel J. Miller believes that Christian economics has more to learn from Wilhelm Röpke than it does from Ayn Rand. Contrasting the two he writes, “…unlike Rand, Röpke grounded his critique of socialism and his defense of free markets in a thoroughly Christian understanding of man and his world.” Mr. Miller points out that Röpke carried out […]