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Godfrey of Fontaines (1250-1309) on the Body Politic as Body Mystical

From Ernst Kantorowicz’s magisterial┬áThe King’s Two Bodies: Godfrey of Fontaines, a Belgian philosopher of the late thirteenth century, for example, succeeded in integrating very neatly the┬ácorpus mysticum into the Aristotelian scheme. To him the “mystical body” appeared not as a supra-natural foundation, but as a gift of nature. His major premise was that “everyone is […]

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The Metaphysics of Scripture

Thinkers have sometimes stated that scripture is not metaphysical, or does not do metaphysics. This is obviously correct in one sense: the writings of the Bible are not generally characterized by philosophical jargon, but rather for the most part appear in everyday language. However, this statement is not true in another sense: the Bible does […]