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“You Heal Me from the Lust for Self-Justification”: Augustine on God’s Mercy

God changes us over time. That change begins with the lesson–which may take a lifetime to learn in the way that it really needs to be learned–that the first thing we must do is to give up trying to justify, or vindicate, ourselves. Abandoning the desire for self-justification is the necessary precondition for receiving God’s […]

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“The Church’s Chief Adornment”

Niels Hemmingsen, commenting on the clause “I believe in the forgiveness of sins” in the Apostles’ Creed, calls gracious forgiveness the “chief adornment of the church.” Text and Translation Remissio peccatorum est praecipuum ornamentum Ecclesiae, quo donatur a suo sponso Christo. Nam forma propria iustificationis Ecclesiae et singulorum membrorum in Ecclesia, hic exprimitur, quae est […]

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Torture and the Gospel

Over at my personal/pastoral blogĀ I have written some thoughts on the release of the Senate Intelligence Committee’s torture report. Here are the concluding paragraphs: Now, there are many potential political and legal considerations and responses. I lack the expertise to propose them or comment on various alternative policies which could have been implemented or should […]