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William Shedd on Concreated Holiness

Discussions of human nature in its original state and the┬ádonum superadditum today seem arcane and a minor point at best. This was not the case, however, just one hundred years ago. When one reviews the great American systematic theologies from the Reformed tradition, he will find thorough discussions of anthropology, even (or perhaps especially) the […]

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Greek Myth and the Donum Superadditum

This post is something of a lark, apropos (maybe?) of some of Peter’s recent writings on nature and supernature, and also (maybe?) of Steven’s on Adam and evolution. There is a stream, which can be called progressivist, in the Greek mythic tradition in which man as originally constituted was lacking in particular gifts that allowed […]

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Two Ends or Two Kingdoms?

In a sequel to the recent controversy regarding natural law discussions at First Things, which we addressed here, Dr Thaddeus Kozinski took Dr Feser to task for, supposedly, positing natural reason as an ahistorical and areligious power of self-direction. If Hart, Dreher, and Leithart grant too little natural law, then Dr Feser grants too much, […]