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The Natural Family Where It Belongs: New Agrarian Essays

Allan C. Carlson The Natural Family Where It Belongs: New Agrarian Essays Transaction Publishers, 2014 Allan Carlson is a writer we interact with often at TCI. We have reviewed his Third Ways here and have tried to summarize his overall project here. Earlier this year we were sent a review copy of his newest release, The Natural […]

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John Médaille on Thomas Piketty

Distributist economist John Médaille discusses Thomas Piketty’s Capital at Front Porch Republic. He concludes his review, which at points agrees and disagrees with the book, with these words: It is beyond the scope of this review the means by which capital can be made once again to be the servant of production rather than its […]

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Allan Carlson and the Politics of the Family

I reviewed Allan Carlson’s book Third Ways back in January, and since then I have been working my way through his rather enormous catalogue of work. President of The Howard Center, professor of history at Hillsdale College, and author of ten books and countless essays, not to mention the many other distinguishing appointments he has […]

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An Interview with Allan Carlson

We are delighted to be able to share with you an interview recently conducted with Allan Carlson, whose book Third Ways was reviewed in this space in January. You can also see a survey of Dr. Carlson’s political and economic thought here. We are deeply grateful to Dr. Carlson for taking the time to respond […]

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First Things First: No Trespassing

John Médaille writes in a Facebook comment: First Things is conservative in the abstract but liberal in application. The quintessential First Things view is an article they ran title[d] “Waiting for St. V[la]dimir” (as in Vladimir Lenin), which was an ignorant and gratuitous attack on Alasdair MacIntyre. The author’s objection was th[at] MacIntyre attacked capitalism, which […]

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Third Ways: How Bulgarian Greens, Swedish Housewives, and Beer-Swilling Englishmen Created Family-Centered Economies – And Why They Disappeared

Third Ways is not a new release. It has been out for nearly six years now, but it still seems relevant and even forward-looking. The news has had several recent discussions about the question of child-bearing and child-rearing. And of course, no one seems to be satisfied with the current Left Wing / Right Wing divide […]