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Deification: The Patristic Roots of the Reformation (2)

“Theosis” and “deification” are culpably ambiguous terms. On the other hand, using one of them in the title did get you to click on the link, did it not? There are unobjectionable (as well as objectionable) ways of construing the concept behind the term, and there were senses in which the Reformers did so, as […]

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Herman Bavinck on the Beatific Vision

The doctrine of the Beatific Vision, so central to medieval Western theology, is much rarely discussed in Reformed churches. It does appear in most of the older dogmatic writers, however. There are interesting points of variety between them too– take, for instance, Calvin’s view and Owen’s (more on them in a later post…). Here is […]

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Gregory of Nazianzus on the Creator-Creature Distinction

In order to avoid misunderstanding what late antique Christian theologians mean (and do not mean) when they discuss “theosis”  or  “deification” (and some  of their statements read without context are very open to misunderstanding),  it is of the utmost importance to recall that orthodox fourth-century theologians rigorously and emphatically affirmed the absolute and essential (I […]