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CS Lewis on the Word “Puritan”

From CSL’s Introduction to 16th Century English Literature: Dickens’s Mrs Clennam, trying to expiate her early sin by a long life of voluntary gloom was doing exactly what the first Protestants would have forbidden her to do. They would have thought her whole conception of expiation papistical. On the Protestant view one could not, and […]

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C. S. Lewis at Desiring God

The most recent Desiring God conference was dedicated to C. S. Lewis. Among the presenters were John Piper, Douglas Wilson, and Kevin Vanhoozer. The audio is all online here. Video is here.

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But What About the Consistory? Yeah, Sorta

One response to my essay on CS Lewis and punishment was that Calvinism, and particularly the Genevan Consistory, should also take some historical blame for rehabilitative punishment and coercive disciplinary penance. My reply to this is a bold “Yeah, sorta.” As Hooker pointed out in the preface to his Laws,┬áthe Genevan discipline had its own […]