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Convivium Irenicum 2016

The announcements keep coming. The Convivium Irenicum (originally called the Convivium Calvinisticum, which was funny but perhaps too funny…) is being held once again on June 1-4, 2016. It’s sponsored, as always, by The Davenant Trust but is really carried by community of readers and interlocutors who participate in the broader conversation. We are excited to […]

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Confessions vs. the Confessionalists

Over the last ten years, at least, there has been a rise in the prominence of confessions of faith in Reformed and Evangelical churches. They have even been pushed to the forefront of parachurch associations and even, in some cases, general marketing and promotional strategies. The odd-sounding adjective “confessional” (which is quite a different thing […]

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The Perils of Taxonomy and History

Brad Littlejohn has a helpful post on the different ways in which “the marks of the church” were used among the magisterial Reformers.  He makes a plea for greater agility when identifying key theological terms and their significance for ecclesiastical unity.  This is of a piece with our own historical narrative at TCI.  No doubt many will […]