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The Wittenberg Concord (3)

A few people asked that I finish the translation of the Wittenberg Concord that I began about a year ago (see post 1 and 2). There was one article remaining, that on absolution; I include it below. The only thing that remains to be done and that likely will be of interest to TCI’s readers […]

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Concerning the Covenants

Concerning the Covenants [De Foederibus] The old covenant or testament was established in accordance with the righteousness of God through the Law, so that the righteousness of God might be vindicated from the false accusations of men; so that men would be inexcusable, guilty, and convicted by the old covenant and not absolved by their […]

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Martin Bucer on Private Confession & Absolution

Amy Nelson Burnett points out that Zwinglians and Lutherans differed on the practice of offering private confession and absolution. Lutherans believed the practice to be a healthy replacement for mandatory auricular confession, while the Zwinglians considered it meaningless for one Christian to pronounce forgiveness over another. Martin Bucer initially supported the Zwinglians on this issue […]

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A French Reformed Prayer of Confession from 1555

Eric Parker recently drew my attention to a liturgical book of the exiled French Reformed community in Frankfurt am Main from 1555. In this post, the first of possibly a couple on the prayers in the Lord’s Day liturgy, I give a translation of the Latin text of the prayer of confession that comes toward […]