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Ritual, History, Place– No! The Cool Kind

This morning I was reading a blog post which invoked the blessed Trinity of postmodern tropes. It said that an “incarnational” religion is one that values “ritual, history, and place,” and then it went on to say that Protestantism, by its very nature, does not do these things. Now, let’s set aside for the moment […]

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What Do We Make of the Benedict Option?

Rod Dreher’s “Benedict Option” seems to be picking up more and more attention, and I expect that we will see a future book from him laying out its distinctives in more detail. Perhaps the best single summary of its features can be found in an article just put out by Damon Linker. Mr. Linker is […]

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Smith’s Apocalyptic Community

Apparently James K. A. Smith concurs with David Bentley Hart’s idea that apocalyptic theopanies are somehow required for understanding that jumping off a bridge is a bad idea. Smith simply adds that these necessary apocalypses are only had in community, but communities, as mothers everywhere know, are sometimes disposed to jump off bridges. Smith will […]

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Alan Jacobs, Lena Dunham, and Jane Austen

Alan Jacobs has a very fine article in First Things where he contrasts the amoral world presented in the HBO television series Girls with the moral themes and critiques in the literature of Jane Austen. He compellingly shows how Miss Austen weaves a realistic moral message throughout her writings, falling into neither romanticism nor naivete. All in all, […]