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Book Review: Hoedemaker’s “Article 36 of the Belgic Confession Vindicated against Dr. Abraham Kuyper”

“Article 36 of the Belgic Confession Vindicated against Dr. Abraham Kuyper”. by P. J. Hoedemaker Ruben Alvarado (Translator) Pantocrator Press (2019)   Abraham Kuyper (1837-1920) rightly stands as a towering figure in late 19th and early 20th centuries. Moreover, he is known for key principles that have fashioned the nature of Reformed thought in Europe, […]

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Kuyper’s Reformed Understanding of History

In the midst of a discussion about the connection between common grace and particular, or special, grace, Kuyper sets out to make clear that Christ is the telos of all things. He does so by distinguishing between Christ himself, and then his ‘body’, the Church. Both are important for Kuyper, but Christ is the ultimate aim of universal […]

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A Mirror of Modernity: How Should Christians Respond to Pro-Choice Logic?

It is not surprising that the conservative reaction to the recent Planned Parenthood scandal has been varied. Some are hopeful that these videos will have substantive effects. Others are more cynical. In either case, the footage is iconic– making plain what technocratic medical-speak really sounds like behind closed doors. One could reduce “It’s a baby” […]

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Augustine on Earthly and Heavenly Goods

In chapter 25.4 of De Civitate Dei, Augustine says the following about the the different but related goods of the two cities of God and Man: It would be incorrect to say that the goods which this city [the City of Man] desires are not goods, since even that city is better, in its own human […]

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Bavinck: Christianity is Paganism’s Fulfillment

In his treatment of general revelation and prolegomena, Herman Bavinck writes: In the Middle Ages Thomas not only asserted that as rational beings human beings can– without supernatural grace– know natural truths but also testifies that it is impossible for there to be “some knowledge which is totally false without any admixture of some truth” […]

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Some Remarks on David VanDrunen on Christianity and Culture

INTRODUCTION A short while ago I listened to David VanDrunen’s first lecture, on Christianity and culture, at the recent conference at Covenant OPC, in which he winsomely presents the main outlines of his own particular understanding of the two kingdoms, the “common” kingdom and the “redemptive” kingdom. There is much in it to which I […]

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Kuyper on Common Grace

Dr. Nelson Kloosterman has been engaged in some very important work over the last few years. He has been translating the works of Abraham Kuyper into English. It’s amazing to consider that a man so widely cited as Kuyper has so little actually available in English, but it’s true. Few “Kuyperians” have ever really read […]